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Heavily Moderated Job Board

Heavily Moderated Job Board

Pinoy Jobs is a heavily moderated job board, but very easy to use. The learning curve for using Pinoy Jobs is not that steep – no complicated dashboard and a very clean user interface.

Since the beginning, I have constantly updated the site in making sure that it is easy to use for employers and applicants alike.

In Pinoy Jobs, I scrutinized every job posting to make sure that it is legitimate. I painstakingly make sure that the job ad is not a scam and most of the time I also re-categorized job ads that are on the wrong category. I also remove ads and accounts which violates Pinoy Jobs’s terms and conditions.

As an administrator, it is my job to remind employers to comply with the basic rule of Pinoy Jobs. Most of the time, employers ignore the very basic rule of filling up the job form properly.

It is a known fact that most website users doesn’t take the time to learn how to use a certain website. Users just dig in and learn as they proceed. This is why I have made sure that Pinoy Jobs is very easy to use.

The reason for Pinoy Jobs being a heavily moderated job board is because I aim to attract the correct users for the site. I would rather have a low user base than to be lax in implementing rules & regulation which ensures that Pinoy Jobs is a quality resource for jobs.

Thank you for understanding.

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