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Why proper Pinoy Jobs ads categorization matters

Why proper Pinoy Jobs ads categorization matters

Proper Pinoy Jobs ads categorization matters, read on to know why.

Improper categorization of your pinoy jobs ads decreases its visibility by almost 80%.

If a job applicant was looking for a job as an ‘IT Administrator’, would they be looking for it on the ‘Other Jobs‘ category? Most probably, they won’t.

If I were that applicant, my whole browsing activity will be focus on the ‘IT Category‘. If I get bored I may browse the other job categories. But my main focus as a job applicant, will be on the IT category.

Job ads are categorized so that they are grouped together according to their relevance. This also makes them easier to find.

I used to re-categorize job ads at Pinoy Jobs to make sure that each ad is on their correct category. I do this to make sure job applicants are finding your job ads quickly and easily.

But now, with the recent increase of job advertisers at Pinoy Jobs, I simply could not catch up and properly devote time to it anymore.

Take my advice, categorize your job ad properly to make sure you are reaching potential candidates.

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