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Pinoy Jobs Over The Years – A look back at what has been accomplished

pinoy jobs over the years

You probably wouldn’t believe it but Pinoy Jobs is already 9 years old. Surprised huh? Pinoy Jobs over the years have evolved and developed into ‘the most trusted free job posting website in the Philippines‘.

It all started back in 2008. What started as a paid job listing script has now evolved as a trusted source of jobs both by employers and job applicants.

The idea started while looking for jobs on free job posting sites. Back then, most of the sites within the free job posting niche looks ugly and are filled with scam job ads. I thought to myself, I think I can do this and I think I can do better. What I thought was easy, was in fact very difficult.

Over the years, I have thrown myself into the fire, learning and evolving on the fly. I had no mentor, I didn’t have any knowledge on how to maintain a site, I didn’t know that server maintenance was part of the job and I had no proper funding. It was a one big mess!

I had, in many times, thought of shutting it down, calling it quits, waving the white flag. But every time I contemplated on that thought, the more I was eager to do better.

Every year, I was striving to make the site even better. Design wise, if not for Pinoy Jobs most of the other free job posting websites would still look like crap up to this day. I know that for a fact because I always scout the competition, I know how they all look like before.

Pinoy Jobs is also the first free job posting website to implement a quality ad check. Before, I use to check every free job ad posted on the site (I don’t do this now, I re-introduced a new process which is way more easier).

When I started Pinoy Jobs, my only idea of getting profit was through Google Adsense. Now, I’ve found ways to properly monetized the site. It’s not yet profitable, but within the last 2 years it has been paying for itself — No, I still don’t have a salary here, that’s why I still work as a freelance web designer.

In a normal business sense, Pinoy Jobs should have closed operations within 3 years of operating at a loss. But, Pinoy Jobs is no ordinary business or website. Pinoy Jobs have outlived a lot of competition, not for lack of trying, but because they have an incorrect mindset and strategy.

Now, this 2017, Pinoy Jobs will be 10 years old. Let me again reiterate my commitment to Pinoy Jobs. I have not reached my goal yet for Pinoy Jobs, but, I will be resilient and committed. Here’s to an exciting 2017, Happy New year everyone!

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