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Employer Access Request

Employer Access Request

In order to truly separate Pinoy Jobs from the other free job posting websites, we are implementing employer access by request. As of now, all job posting privileges has been revoked. All new users must request an access to use Pinoy Jobs. All existing users will need to verify their existing account.

This move is in response to an email I received from a job applicant who reported a job scam that was posted (and now removed) at Pinoy Jobs. Her letter was also a sincere call to all free job posting sites to improve its verification process so that applicants like her will not fall victim to unscrupulous employers.

Her letter gave me an idea on how to deter and even prevent bogus employers from using Pinoy Jobs. This is why we are moving to an access by request only.

Pinoy Jobs is always looking for ways to provide job applicants with quality job ads. Hopefully this move will show that we are committed in providing job applicants with a scam free job listing.

For access request, please use this form. For existing users, please use this form.

*Update: For new and existing employers, please use this form to request access to

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  1. Maggie Maggie

    You’ve done a great job here. *high five! *thumbs up!

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